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Best Zoom tips and tricks (for beginners)

Patrick Devaney


Video calls, video conferencing, and group chats have become more significant than ever in recent times. Of all the apps available, Zoom has risen to be the ruler of them all. Step back Skype, we’re not here for you Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet needs to have a quiet word with itself too. No, it is Zoom that has won all our hearts and that’s why today we’re going to unlock all of Zoom’s best features for you.

After today’s guide, you’ll be able to easily impress all your friends and family at your next big Zoom remote meeting, as you’ll be familiar with all the cool little hints and tricks that will make you stand out.


Zoom tips

The tips and tricks below will help you to master Zoom meetings in no time at all. If you’ve ever seen somebody do something cool in a Zoom group call and wanted to do it yourself, this is the guide for you.

1. How to change your name in a Zoom meeting

You may be using Zoom for a meeting and want to change your name that’s on display. Configuring this straightforward, so we’ll take you through the steps:

  • Once the meeting is active, select “Participants” in the bottom menu;
  • If you hover over your name, you can click on the “Rename” button on the right”
  • Insert the appropriate name and press “OK.”

2. How to create Zoom breakout rooms

If you’re a host or co-host, you might want to split your Zoom meeting into several breakout rooms. It places participants into separate virtual areas where they can collaborate on different projects. You can establish this feature before or during a meeting.
Of course, you’ll need to enable breakout rooms before you get started. All Zoom members will have the same functionality as the main room, so ensure that you set up the audio and visual qualities before you begin. Creating these virtual areas is as easy as selecting “Breakout Rooms” before or during the meeting and selecting the appropriate options that apply.

3. How to change your background

Let’s all be honest; this is the big one isn’t it. If you don’t already know how to change your virtual background on Zoom, you want us to show you how. Virtual backgrounds are one of Zoom’s greatest features and have been used so well in recent times.

You can have an image or a video as your background and some users have created some wonderful backgrounds, which they then pull out during group calls. Our particular favorite was the friend who created a virtual background of himself walking in and giving the real him a cup of tea. It was mind-boggling to watch.

Anyway, this is how to do it. To set a virtual background on Zoom you need to go to Settings, and then to Virtual Background. You can then use one of the ones already loaded onto your version of Zoom or upload files from your device. This last function means that you can basically set anything as a virtual background, all you have to do is come up with an original idea.

4. How to disable the waiting room

The Zoom Waiting Room is a relatively new privacy-related feature on Zoom that is designed to help those in real meetings avoid unexpected interruptions and zoombombing. Let’s be honest, though, if all you’re doing is a little family quiz having to admit every attendee into the call as they’re automatically sent to the Waiting Room is a bit of a pain.

Fortunately, you can disable the Waiting Room feature by opening Zoom and then going to Settings, and then hitting In Meeting (Advanced). You’ll then have to scroll down quite a bit until you come to the Waiting room section. Here you can turn off the Waiting Room altogether or simply have all guest participants to your call have to wait there until you admit them.

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